5 tips: mainsail trimming

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Yaching World has this tip and four others, HERE.


Peek Below Decks With Tom Crestodina

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More illistrations HERE.


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KTOO is reporting:

…“We would get as close to the glacier as we could, which at a low tide was several miles away and at a higher tide, we could maybe get within a few miles of the face of the glacier,” Dunlap says. “So it was kind of a pretty variable experience.”..

The complete KTOO post is here.

(Ed. note:  A boat in every slip and a hovercraft in every inlst.  It’s only $300 per person, and listen to audio – it sounds a like it’s got a heavy impact with shuttle boats, a base operation, plus the hovercraft.  Mic Jager said it best, “Too much is never enough.”)



Liberty First News is reporting:

Two homeless men who allegedly stole a sailboat from the Morro Bay harbor and planned to live on the high seas didn’t get very far into their adventure when they lost control of the 20-foot vessel and beached it on a sand spit, police said Tuesday.

They were arrested after becoming stranded on the peninsula and calling the Harbor Patrol for help.

“I think they might have been good candidates for the Darwin Awards,” said Marie Sargent, who owns the boat with her husband.

The complete Liberty First News post is here.


Entire U.S. Navy fleet on one page

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Yachts International has the post:

Consisting of roughly 430 ships in active service or reserve, the United States Navy is a force to be reckoned with. From the massive Nimitz-class aircraft carrier to the Los Angeles-class submarine, this map from @Naval_Graphics on Twitter shows all the commissioned and noncommissioned ships currently in the fleet.



Low price means $2,000-$2,200 for Class A, some vessels may be able to use Class B. 

Where competition and past stealthy opps were the norm (i.e. charter fishing and wildlife tours) anyone with a smartphone and an internet connection will know where you are. 

More information on USCG AIS requirements is here.


Wind Alert gets an update

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Available for iOS and Andriod

Wind Alert is free.  


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theguardian is reporting:

For years it has languished in a dry dock, ignored by the masses visiting Nelson’s magnificent flagship HMS Victory or gawping at the hi-tech might of the Royal Navy’s modern warships anchored nearby.

But a century after gamely battering away at enemy positions during the first world war, a modest but hugely characterful ship called HMS M33 is about to emerge from the shadows of its illustrious neighbours.

Teams of workers and volunteers are working hard to conserve M33 – not deemed important enough to have a proper name – and tell the extraordinary story of life on board the vessel, the only surviving British ship from the Gallipoli campaign.

theguardian’s complete post is here.

(Thanks to John Chessell for the link)



SailWorld is reporting:

Keep emergency docking plans at the forefront of your ‘what if’ mindset. Just in case that boat pulls out ahead of you or your engine conks out in restricted waters. Practice these defensive docking strategies to be prepared for the unexpected in close quarters.

* Look for Empty Berths to Park the Boat

* Use a Quarter Spring to Stop Momentum

* Practice this ‘Tight-Quarters’ Technique

The complete SailWorld post by John Jamison is here.

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