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Sailor who went overboard says he’ll rejoin race


Alternative Power for Boats – HeartLand Boating – March-April 2014


Happy with the Delorme inReach SE

On April 12, 2014, in Deliveries, by CaptRR

This unit is way easier to use than the SPOT I’ve used in the past.

BTW, if you’d like to pick up my SPOT unit, please contact me.

Here’s the Hunter Vision we delivered to Seattle yesterday.




Latitude 38 is reporting:

Rimas Meleshyus is not your typical bluewater voyager. In fact, some people think he must be crazy because he is absolutely determined to singlehand around the world in a San Juan 24 daysailer named Pier Pressure. As ill-advised as that may sound, we’ve got to hand it to Meleshyus — who arrived under the Golden Gate Friday from Hawaii. In a world full of bullshitters, he backs up his grand plans with action. 

Having departed Hilo, Hawaii February 8, the naturalized Russian immigrant slowly plodded across the Pacific to the Bay — a voyage of at least 2,200 miles — with only the most rudimentary equipment and virtually no creature comforts. 



 LNTM 4/414


The Beacon is transmitting a signal


ADD Puget Sound Traffic Separation Lane V-AIS SB, Magenta circle V-AIS ATON, Chart No. 1: S18.2,

CGD13, at 48-06-47.016N, 122-39-40.428W


I’m not sure how long it takes for NOAA to update from the LNTM, but as of 1330 today it wasn’t up.


Delorme inReach SE

On April 10, 2014, in Deliveries, Equipment, by CaptRR

This year I will be using the Delorme inReach SE for deliveries.  I has the ability to two way text world wide via sattelite.  Additionally it will lay down electronic bread crumbs at user definable increments.  I’ve set it for 30 minutes.  I can give a number of user definable messages.  I have set it to post to my Twitter account.  From Twitter, my BitterEnd Blog, Facebook and LinkedIn accouts are cross posted.

You should be aware that this IS NOT an EPIRB, instead the SOS feature calls up the Delomre Center and they relay an emergency call.  I’ve added the the Coast Guard’s Seattle Joint Rescue Coodrination Center’s email as a primary contact so they will see any emergecy message instantly.

Additionally I can keep intouch with a client (and my family) in real time, worldwide.

From the Delorme website:

From LOL to SOS and every message in between, DeLorme inReach SE makes any adventure better. With inReach SE, you can both send and receive text messages at the ends of the earth and everywhere in between with the handy color screen and virtual keyboard. When you’re off the grid and out of cell phone range, you can quickly and easily share your journey with family and friends, let them ping and message you, and always receive a delivery confirmation that your message was sent — all thanks to the Iridium satellite network with 100% global coverage. And in the event of an emergency, you can trigger an SOS, receive delivery confirmation, and then have an two-way text conversation with the search and rescue monitoring center until help arrives.





Phil Mulligan on Rule 2:  “Don’t be a Dick”

Rule 2 – Responsibility

(a) Nothing in these Rules shall exonerate any vessel, or the owner, master, or crew thereof, from the consequences of any neglect to comply with these Rules or of the neglect of any precaution which may be required by the ordinary practice of seamen, or by the special circumstances of the case.

(b) In construing and complying with these Rules due regard shall be had to all dangers of navigation and collision and to any special circumstances, including the limitations of the vessels involved, which may make a departure from these Rules necessary to avoid immediate danger.


Thanks Phil, I couldn’t agree more.  I should pass this on the IMO.

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