So here’s what happened

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We made the turn at Point Conception yesterday about 1700 and had planned on keeping South of the VTS lanes.  Just off of San Miguel Is the idler bearing decided to give up the ghost.  

Here’s a pic of the offending part.

The bushings had become red hot and posed a saftey threat.  We decided to drift and see if we could effect an Apollo 13 type repair.  Our crack crew of Calen Mehrer and Kevin Benson did great job of fashoning grease soaked rope around the shaft and then pouring water on the device as we made about 3.5 knots after two hours of work. 

I called the CG as were drifting towards a marine sanctuary.  The CGC Blacktip stood off for seven hours until we safely made the Cojo Anchorage just South of Point Concetion at 0100 Sunday. 

We’re currently under tow with Vessel Assist Ventura for Santa Barbera. 


Weather Considerations

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A major part of deliveries involves Risk Management.  Weather can be a wild card.  The need to do the job effeciently verses the risks involved is a careful balancing act.

What would you do with the info below knowing that 10 miles off does’t leave lots of sea room should an emergency arrise?

Departure Wed at 0800

Wed 2000 of Crescent City which is where we should be at 12 hrs out.

We need to be within 10 miles of shore on Wed evening to the above conditions which is the forecast 10-60 nm off.

Route up to 10 nm off shore.

Thurs 0800 off Cape Mendocino

If needed, Brookings OR and Eureka CA are safe ports of refuge.  Crescent City CA is too shallow for Limit Stalker.

Although 700 nm South of San Diego, the tropical storms off Baja bear watching.


Limit Stalker: Not Under Command

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While inbound in the fog on Sunday we were Not Under Command for about five minutes.  We lost the traansmission due to vibration while backing down.  The location of the event was bwtween the arrows.  Thanks to Calen Mehrer’s quick and professional approach the problem was solved before we needed to deploy the anchor.  The actuator arm was the culprit.  The anchor was ready for letting go.

It was cold (50′s) last night here in Charleston OR.  We had a fire goinf in the salon.


New Weather option $20 in app purchase for one year

New AIS option (requires web access) $16 per year.

Cap Sante Marina here.

BTW, I had Verizon LTE and 4G service 25-30 miles off shore from Westport WA south on the iPad and no ATT service on the iPhone.


This is a first

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Wow, new use for the iPad.  The surgeon who owns the boat we’re delivering just had an this MRI send to me.  The patient info has been redacted.


Here’s what we’re looking at for weather

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Not fun if it can be avoidend


Weather delay

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Headed to Coos Bay for weather. Forecast to hi is for gusts to 40 kts. 


LitterWatch: you can make a difference

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BE reader John Kopp writes:

Hi Richard,

I just wanted to drop you a line and offer my appreciation for your frequent contributions to those of us in the maritime community. I’m in the Coast Guard, stationed in Barnegat Light, NJ, but originally from the Seattle area and your blog warmly reminds me of home. As much as I’d like to drop a compliment and run, I have something else I’d like to send your way. I had a clean-up/ conservation idea the other day and I’m reaching out to those I know, and those who I think could bite, with my idea.

I’m an avid walker in my neighborhood and I’ve taken to picking up litter I see along my route. What if we could spread the word and get buy-in from individuals to do the same? People walk, bike, run, and paddle/ boat/ dock (after all, we’re professional mariners, here) their same routes every day and if they were to consciously pick up a few pieces of trash per jaunt… well, the potential leverage is unimaginable! Even just getting people to commit to policing their front yards (or boat slips?) once or twice a week would be powerful.

Anyway, I made a blog and Google map for the idea to see if it can go somewhere and maybe even begin to evolve on its own. Take a look and drop a pin on the map if you like the idea: Take care and thanks!

John Kopp



Pit Stop

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Going to Port Angeles to trouble shoot two problems (one electrical, one plumbing) before heading out of the Strait of Juan de Fuca. Will be there noon ish.  More later. 

Problems solved at 1330. We’re on the road again.

Issues were a through hull the we plugged, an auto pilot the yesterday’s installer helped us diagnose, and a pesky breaker switch.

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