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“A lawyer on vacation said he saw the bloodied victim and swam out to help as the shark attacked again. . .”

. . . but then realized that the shark didn’t need any assistance and swam back to shore.

(Thanks to John Chessell for this)


Status of the SS United States

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Wired is reporting:

This rust bucket is the SS United States, a once glorious vessel now moored next to a South Philadelphia shopping mall, where it’s been sitting in decay for 18 years, racking up roughly $60,000 a month in rent. Paint is peeling off its hull. The interior, stripped of previously asbestos-laden innards, is mostly bare. It doesn’t look like it now, but it is possibly the most impressive watercraft ever produced by the United States.

The complete Wired post is here.


Home Today – Class Tomorrow

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Back in Bellingham mid day – a visit with the grand kids, then home.

100 Ton Master’s Licensing class begins tomorrow in Friday Harbor.

Limit Stalker, safe at the dock: Harbor Island, San Diego.


iSailor Issues

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We made into San Diego last night at around 2200.  The 6kt average from Santa Barbara took longer as we were nursing the new Babbit bearing.

There was some drama at the dock as the helm was hard over due to a missunderstanding of the auto pilot swtiches.  We had used the same settings at five other locations.  No one was hurt (pride excluded,) including the boat, but the third attempt worked as we backed her into the slip.

iSailor had worked well for the enired trip, then on Saturday morning it just crashed and would not restart, even eith rebooting the iPad.  I figured ok, I’ll just use the phone….no luck with iSailor there either.  Both just stopped working.  I have an email into them and will report back here.

Fortunately, my backup plotter, Navionics worked and I had also had a redundant route on that app.


6500 yo Danish boat discovered

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Ancient Origins is reporting:

An energy company replacing sea cables in the Smalandsfarvandet Sea in Demark, made a spectacular discovery when they found what now appears to be the oldest boat ever found in the country, along with a submerged Stone Age settlement, according to a news release in DR. – See more at:

The complete Acient Origins post is here.

(Thanks to Cherei McCarter for the link)


Back to Santa Barbara today

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Ace mechanic / first mate Calen Mehrer and I are headed back to Southern California today to continue the Limit Stalker delivery to San Diego.

We will be conducting sea trials this afternoon. 

We expect to be underway this afternoon, and will traveling slower than we did on the trip down, in order to seat the new bearing.


Pride & Joy, delivered

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We wrapped up the Carver delivery Tuesday at 1340. The 110 mile leg from Westport WA to St. Helens OR saw us cross the the Columbia Bar at 0810. We averaged 15 kts at 3100 rpm.


Bar Observations

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We’ll be underway about 0430 today. 


Fuel again

On September 1, 2014, in Deliveries, by CaptRR

About 30 minutes out of Westport we had a dramatic drop in RPMs.  We’re dealing with cleaning the fliters. The process will delay our Columbia Bar crossing until tomorrow. 

While not knowing the source for sure, I do know the last place we purchased fuel was La Push. 

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