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Capt. Richard J. Rodriguez

BitterEnd refers to the end of a line (never a rope) that is secured to a (towing) bitt. The working end of a line is referred to as the Standing End.

BitterEnd Logo: The aquamarine octopus on a dark blue ground symbolizes the Salish Sea, BitterEnd’s stomping grounds. Enteroctopus dolfleini, the giant Pacific octopus, is indigenous to local waters and is the largest octopus on the planet. One is always lurking somewhere below the surface. Posts May – Sept feature Assistance Towing calls.

Assistance Towing: Between 2003 – 2011 I assisted over 1,200 vessels in the waters of the Salish Sea, serving as a captain for Vessel Assist Friday Harbor / Towline, during the boating season.

Maritime License Training: I’ve certified over 600 local Captains. I am a partner in Zenith Maritime LLC, where I serve as the Director of Operations and am also an independent contractor for Zenith providing training through the 100 ton Master’s course.

My Yachting Magazine article on the San Juan Islands, from March, 2012 is HERE.

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