Canadian Naval Centennial

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Canadian Naval Centennial
In the first decade of the 21st Century, Canada possessed a navy of which any middle power could be proud. Yet in the early years of the 20thCentury, disinterest or lack of information about navies and what they do almost prevented Canada’s navy from ever coming into existence at all. As the historian John Clayton, writing in 1985 observed, “…few countries have ever adopted a naval service with as much reluctance and heated debate, in spite of a deeply rooted maritime tradition and the longest coastline in the world”. Reluctant naval power or not, Canada has sent to sea no less than 850 warships under a naval ensign since the navy was created by the Naval Service Act of May 4, 1910.

The Canadian Naval Centennial website is here.

(Ed. note:  Thanks to BE reader Rod Pugh for the link.)


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