Political Humor

On November 18, 2012, in Just for Fun, by CaptRR


7 Responses to “Political Humor”

  1. Boater says:

    Most unfortunate that you regard the seccessioinist topic a humerous matter.

  2. Moravian says:

    I think it is an idiotic matter. They should self deport if they don’t like living under the Constitution. It is exactly what the kind of world the “Mine” set would create.

    Probably would not use a Toyaota pick up though, most likely a diesel F-250.

    • Boater says:

      The manner in which the country is currently being run bears little resemblence to the constitution. Hence the secession discussion.

  3. kelpcowboy says:


    Secessionists like Rick Perry and Sarah Palin were put on this earth for comic relief. If Texas wants to go their own way I hope they avoid getting hit in the ass by the door. Adios stupid.

  4. anagama says:

    Hmm, my post got deleted. I guess I’m not welcome here, so this will be goodbye.

    To anyone who thinks that due process free execution and detention are in any way constitutional, enjoy living in the coming authoritarian America where the president’s opinion is the be all and end all. Much El Salvador or the Soviet Union. Feel free to pretend that the constitution is just a document to revere, but one which has no principals to uphold. If you feel otherwise, criticize the heck out of the Feds, because they’re shredding it.

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