Leap Frog Water Taxi

Yesterday I had the chance to visit with former student Capt. Bill McGown, owner of Leap Frog Water Taxi.

Leap Frog is based at the Bellingham Cruise Terminal a transportation hub for the Alaska ferryAmtrakGreyhoundAirporter Shuttle and the Whatcom Transportation Authority. We are uniquely located less than two hours travel time to most destinations in the San Juan Islands.

Bill was quick to point out that Bellingham is actually a shorter run from Seattle than is Anacortes, because you run I5 instead of taking a state highway with number lights and stops.

Leap Frog has the ability to get there fast, averaging 20 kts.

Be sure to call Capt. McGown next time you need to get to or from Whatcom County and the San Juans.


10 Responses to “Leap Frog Water Taxi: Bellingham-San Juans”

  1. Ray says:

    Awesome.. Great for sailors going to/from the round the county race, or shaw island regattas!

  2. J says:

    Shorter by car. Further to the San juans by boat. What is cheaper. Driving car? Driving boat?

  3. kelpcowboy says:


    When was the last time you drove to Sucia?

  4. J says:

    I go to Sucia often enough. If you are trying to say Sucia is closer to Bellingham by boat, than Anacortes. You might want to re- think that!
    It is 19.25 nautical miles to Sucia by boat from Skyline Marina.
    It is 19.85 nautical miles by boat to Sucia from Bellingham.
    Sooooo the point is?

  5. J says:

    Its ten miles farther to bellingham from hwy. 20 to bellingham than anacortes. Just say’.

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