So what happened?

On November 13, 2012, in Deliveries, by CaptRR


We left Anacortes on time at 0700 and pulled into Blaine at 1530, having traveled only 40 nm.

Prior to leaving we checked fluid levels etc. About an hour into the trip the Yanmar 3gm started to knock while turning 2400-2500 rpm. We were motor sailing at the time.

The engine billowed white smoke. We backed down to 2k and I called Ace Surveyor and my Zenith Maritime partner John Baird. It just so happened that he was in the company of two diesel mechanics.

The diagnosis: bad fuel injectors, algae, and assorted maladies beyond my level of competence. Back down was the mantra, we already had. Check the oil regularly to make insure the fuel wasn’t finding its way to the oil.

We had been motor sailing with a slight flood at about 6.5 kts.

The engine knock was becoming more consistent. We decided to sail, albeit at 4kts. We were checking the oil, and did not notice an increase in the oil level.

At that point we decided to restart the engine and NADA. The batteries appeared to have not been charging.

Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot

We were off Birch Bay and decided to head for Blaine. I called several locals (former students) about who was reliable for repairs. Thanks to Capts, Jim Kean (who was in Maiu,) Richard Strugill, and Sam Clemems (yes that’s his name.)

Knowing the marina, I figured it was possible to sail to the guest moorage with a hankie of the jib. The tide was up, the wind was light and the linear dock is ginormous.

We lost the little amount of wind we had, once in the lee of Birch Point, as predicted.

I decided to give the engine another shot and she turned over. We idled in the last 4 nm at about 2 kts.

Once the boat has been repaired I’ll complete the trip.


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