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On July 7, 2012, in Applications, Navigation, by CaptRR

 Day mode w/o info and menus

Night mode w/  info and menus

Lat/Long redacted

Route Creation

So with the refund from Apple for Plan2Nav, I decided to try another iOS plotter, iSailor , and I like what I see.  Transas is a Russian company with deep deep EDCIS roots.  Their foray into the consumer market draws on lots of experience.

The App is free and you pay for chart folios.  Pricing worked out about the same for the charts I wanted (San Diego to SE Alaska.)  The Pacific NW (US) folio is $4.99.  Purchased chart folios can be installed on multiple iOS devices.

Transas uses their own vector chart format TX-97.  I was able to locate obscure local objects that don’t show on some other products.

Customer service from Transas was outstanding.  I two cases emails were answered in less than 12 hours and answered specific questions.

Here’s what I liked:

Creating routes is the easiest and most precise of any iOS plotter I’ve tried.

The night mode is the best I’ve seen on an iOS plotter.  Considering iOS will also allow you to change the brightness, iSailor will be my goto nighttime plotter.

Here’s what I’d like to see:

A MOB button

Chart folios updated more often (their current schedule is 2-4 times a year.)

You can find iSailor’s manual here.

iSailor promo video is here.

Transas Costa Concordia incident video is here.


10 Responses to “Transas iSailor”

  1. Stargazerwa says:

    I have been using Isailor for a while on both my phone and iPad. I find it very easy to use. Making routes couldn’t be any easier. I have run into one problem: without warning, my purchased charts will disappear. It’s not a problem to restore them, but if you don’t have Internet connectivity you would be SOL. I emailed Itransas and they say it an apple memory problem they are working on. Seems to happen more on my phone which is very full of music and apps.

  2. Doug Pine says:

    How does it compare to iNavX?

  3. Carl says:

    I’ve been thinking about trying iSailor, but have held back because of the lukewarm reviews in the App Store. You seem to be way more enthusiastic about it so I’ll give it a try now.

    • CaptRR says:

      You really can just download your area for $4.99 and you don’t have too much invested.

  4. Captain Rick says:

    I’ve been using iSailor for a year and love it. I’ve got it both on my wife’s iPad, and my iphone (liked it enough to buy charts twice). I find it super easy to use, and extremely helpful in navigating new and challenging places.

    I’d like to see an MOB button as well, and maybe future ActiveCaptain integration.

  5. Stargazerwa says:

    Capt. Rick,

    Have you had the problem with your charts being gone and you have to reload them? Other than that, I really like it too. Easy to use and a great price.

  6. Mike P says:

    I started using it on your recommendation as well. The charts for Bermuda are mostly OK, not as good as Navionics though. What I have been doing is keeping both apps running, so I have chart detail on Navionics, and waypoint/route management on iSailor. Easy to switch back and forth.

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