Bad Moon Rising

On March 11, 2012, in Environment, by CaptRR

963 mb Low is headed our direction

Cliff Mass Weather Blog is reporting:

Forget the snow showers and other minor weather annoyances.   We got bigger fish to fry.   A major cyclone will rapidly develop on Sunday and then move northward off our shore, crossing the northern portion of Vancouver Island.  A storm that will produce strong winds and substantial waves along the Northwest coast, but far enough out to lessen the the threat of a major windstorm over most of the interior.  Here is the latest UW WRF forecast (12km domain) for 7 AM on Monday.

As the low approaches Vancouver Island, the winds along the northern third will be extreme, with hurricane force gusts.  Here is the forecast at 10 AM Monday.  Wow.  Solander Island may well see winds over 100 mph.

The complete Cliff Mass Weather Blog post is here.

(The “Bad Moon Rising” cultural reference is here.)


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