May Delivery:  San Diego CA – Blaine WA

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1260 nm

75′ Burger

More info as it becomes available. Of course you’ll be able to follow us on my Delorme inReach. 


Just a little fun

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Thanks to Monkey Fist of Blackgang for this design.

Yes, it’s the same MF that brought you gCaptain’s Maritime Monday.


Big iSailor Update

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It is no secret the iSailor is my go to Nav App.

What’s New in iSailor 1.6.1

Shaped by your feedback, the new version of iSailor delivers dozens of new features and detailed updates:

Multi-language support: English, Spanish, German, Russian, Korean (others coming soon)

New In-App options:
‘NMEA GPS’ sensor and its support via Wi-Fi connection
‘NMEA Compass & ROT’ sensors and their support via Wi-Fi connection
‘AIS Ship Contours’ at large chart scales. 

Direct access to the iSailor page on Facebook
Cursor Positioning and User Object sharing via: Facebook, Twitter, iMessenger, E-Mail
Photo can be attached to any User Object
User Object with picture can be exported to Google Earth via KMZ format

• Adjusted ‘Anchor Watch’ radius is presented on the chart layer
• Multi Units: Statute Miles and Cables for short distances
• ‘Dangerous Depth’ setting and their presentation in bold font
• ‘Visible Lighthouses’ by BRG & RNG from the own position
• ‘GoTo’ route via advanced cursor function
• AIS Target Labels (MMSI, NAME, CALL) can be presented on the chart layer
• ‘CPA / TCPA’ alarm and settings for AIS targets
• Head Up chart orientation is available based on NMEA or AIS Compass data
• Calculated Rate-Of-Turn is available based on NMEA or AIS Compass data
• Bridge Elevation is shown on chart
• ‘Default Fuel consumption’ setting
• ‘Boat Length’ value is increased up to 150 meters
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Feedback is always welcome. Please contact with any issues and suggestions.


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