Using WA State Ferries to transport legal marajuana

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Workboat is reporting:

To go to or from Vashon Island is to ride a ferry. Although a bridge between West Seattle and the island has been suggested, most islanders hate the idea and the costs have always been ridiculous. If you have a private plane, you can fly to and from Vashon, and some do, including Guido Perla, the internationally known naval architect who has made his home on Vashon for many years. But your basic, everyday trip to and from the Seattle side is courtesy of your debit card and Washington State Ferries.

The complete Workboat post by Bruce Buls is here.


Baja Ha Ha….NOT

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Tropical Depression off Baja

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More info here.


Nav Rules and Regs Hanbook (8/14 edition)

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The .pdf is HERE.

This handbook published by the U.S. Coast Guard Navigation Standards Branch, U.S. Coast Guard Headquarters, Washington, DC in August 2014, is a compendium of the:

  • International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea, 1972  (72 COLREGS);
  • Inland Navigation Rules (33 CFR 83),
  • their respective technical annexes (33 CFR 84-90);
  • COLREGS Demarcation Lines (33 CFR 80);
  • Vessel Bridge-to-Bridge Radiotelephone Regulations,                  (33 CFR 26);
  • Vessel Traffic Management Regulations (33 CFR 161), and,
  • various other pertinent provisions of the U.S. Code and Code of Federal Regulations regarding compliance and penalties associated with the Navigation Rules.

First working sub was crowd funded

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The Scuttlefish is reporting:

Above: A modern-day replica of the Ictíneo II, a nineteenth century submarine crowdfunded into life by political radical and sage scientist Narcís Monturiol i Estarriol, whose outspoken sympathy for the working class gained him enough public support to design and build the world’s first air-independent, engine-propelled submarine. This replica sits at the entrance of the Museu Marítim in Barcelona. (Photo: Cookie/Wikimedia)

The complete Scuttlefish post is here.


Temporary iSailor Fix

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Transas iSailor version 1.7.0.

Problem: Transas iSailor crashed after plotting of the special type of the User Objects, object type: Text with the Name length of more than 14 characters! Crash is detected only on the latest devices with the x64 processor, i.e.: iPhone 5SiPad Air and iPad mini Retina.





Recommendation: Do not plot TXT (Text) user objects with the Name length more than 14 characters until the next released version of the Transas ISailor app (i.e Version 1.7.1)!



Fix: Will be available in the next release, Transas iSailor version 1.7.1

How to make iSailor working after the crash and save own User Object database:


Download and install the “iExplorer” (or similar) software on your Mac/PC/laptop. It is Free of Charge for operation in DEMO mode. DEMO mode is more than enough to solve that issue. It looks like this:




Restart Transas iSailor app. It should work on your iPad or iPhone device, but User Object database will be not available temporary. 



Now you can create any new User Objects, excepting type mentioned above (Text objects with the Namelength of more than 14 characters!)





Please, export all newly created objects via standard Export Object procedure, for example, using GPXformat and send this database to your email address for backup purposes (Otherwise, you’ll lost all newlycreated objects after the step 8 below).




Copy the addinfo.sqlite file back after update on the next released version of the Transas iSailor app, i.e. after update to Transas iSailor Version 1.7.1 after its release via Apple AppStore, using the same method as described above for under 3 and 4, using iExplorer utility.



Import back all newly created objects via standard Import Object procedure, using stored GPX file in your post inbox. After that you’ll have the complete your User Object database, including old (saved viaaddinfo.sqlite file) and newly created objects as well.



160 yo lost ship found

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Gizmodo is reporting:

In 1845, the explorer John Franklin set off to sail the fabled Northwest Passage, an Arctic sea route that would hypothetically connect the Atlantic and the Pacific. He never returned. His ship was lost to the ice. But now, thanks to the obsession of Canada’s prime minister, an expedition has located one of Franklin’s two ships. Why does Canada care so much about this old vessel? Climate change.

The complete Gizmodo post is here.



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“A lawyer on vacation said he saw the bloodied victim and swam out to help as the shark attacked again. . .”

. . . but then realized that the shark didn’t need any assistance and swam back to shore.

(Thanks to John Chessell for this)


Status of the SS United States

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Wired is reporting:

This rust bucket is the SS United States, a once glorious vessel now moored next to a South Philadelphia shopping mall, where it’s been sitting in decay for 18 years, racking up roughly $60,000 a month in rent. Paint is peeling off its hull. The interior, stripped of previously asbestos-laden innards, is mostly bare. It doesn’t look like it now, but it is possibly the most impressive watercraft ever produced by the United States.

The complete Wired post is here.


Home Today – Class Tomorrow

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Back in Bellingham mid day – a visit with the grand kids, then home.

100 Ton Master’s Licensing class begins tomorrow in Friday Harbor.

Limit Stalker, safe at the dock: Harbor Island, San Diego.

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